Sep 132008

Hello, here’s hoping that this new blog holds up. I’m focusing on reflections relating to music here.

To kick things off, here are some thoughts on new fiddle books that I am terribly excited about.

1. Aroebics For Fiddlers, by Carol Ann Wheeler: This book and CD have some awesome technical exercises

2. Fiddler’s Friend, by Randy Miller: This is a small book that will fit in a fiddle case. It has forty effective exercises that really emphasize some of the tricky bowing and left-hand stuff that holds fiddlers back.

3. American Fiddle Method has a new volume of Canadian tunes and instruction by April Verch and Brian Wyckland. This is a book and CD that gradually introduces Canadian repertoire and ornamentations. I’m planning to play through this book sometime this winter when I have a few free days. Just glancing through it, it looks somewhat easy but still very interesting and fun.

4. Richard Greene has a brand new book and CD with transcriptions of all his recorded solos with Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys. I haven’t received my copy yet, but it promises to be biblical fiddleness.

So that’s what this fiddle nerd is excited about recently. More to come soon.

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