Sep 292008

First, I wrote a song called, “I Don’t Have Friends Anymore.” Next, I released a CD with that title. Over the past two months since the CD has been out there, I am finding that some other people are lacking in friends–not just the characters in my songs.

About once every two or three weekes, someone asks Google to search for the phrase, “I don’t have friends.” Google churns out a number of helpful ssites with practical answers to help these friendless folk. Among the top results shown is my CD’s page on I know this because I regularly watch the statistics that show how people get to my Web pages. Someone even searched for this phrase in the Slavic version of Google a few weeks ago and landed on my CD’s page.

I’m trying to figure out how to leverage this keyword quirk to sell boxfuls of CDs. ESPN has done it with “ESPN: The Magazine,” “ESPN: The TV channels,” “ESPN: The toothpaste,” and probably “ESPN: The Underwear.” Maybe I can find a similar success with, “I Don’t Have Friends Anymore: The Keyword Search.” I’m also thinking of a line of action figures and Saturday morning cartoons, targeted for introverted, introspective kids who have curly hair and would rather dance along. (Inside joke there. Read the CD lyrics and you’ll get it maybe.)

My apologies. This blog is supposed to be about music. Expect a tangent now and again. Bye for now.

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