Nov 072008

Tonight Bud Burwell and I played a really fun private gig for some folks from Russia who were visiting. They were here in the U. S. to see our election process first-hand. This election had all the drama and wackiness imaginable, so they definitely got their money’s worth. The Russian folks had gone down to Manasses Park VA for the midnight Obama rally with a hundred thousand other people the night before the election. Here is an article in the Reston Observer about the visitors.

So they asked Bud for traditional American music. (Note that the Observer article mentions “bluegrass” music, which is a well-intended mistake.) Out of the Feel The Wag guys, only Bud and I were available. We played for an hour while the folks gathered. Then we had everyone’s attention, and Bud introduced us and explained the hammered dulcimer. We played our usual closing number, “Waiting For Nancy” and “Kitchen Girl” with everyone quietly listening. They gave us enthusiastic applause, and the whole thing felt good. Then they had a short slide show and dinner.

I was glad to have the chance to play a duo thing with Bud. The last time the two of us played as a duo was back in June. We played at the Lake Anne Village Center for the crafters market and the lunchtime crowd. The gig didn’t go so well. The fountain was going and was drowning out our sound. It was in the upper nineties, so it was tough to keep up our energy. The person who paid us said she couldn’t really here us from a few yards away. We weren’t playing with any amplification, and we hadn’t figured out the best spot for the sound to carry. So it felt great tonight to do the duo setup and have it sound good and feel good.

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