Nov 232008

I am trying to adjust to the changes to Sirius radio’s music programming since they merged with XM this month:

I love Bob Dyln’s Theme Time show after my first listen. It is well-produced and I’m sure there is a crew of dozens behind it researching and writing. But Dylan sounds so great talking through the show, and the music is sweet too. The Deep Tracks channel in general is pretty sweet. It seems that I like everything I hear whenever I turn it on.

Larry Kerwin was one of the best DJs on Sirius, and now he’s gone. Even the channel name “Disorder” was cool. I’m still trying to figure out if Vin Scelsa and Les Davis are still around. Man I hope so. I can hardly find the channels I want, let alone the individual DJ schedules.

Larry, wherever you turn up next, I’ll be listening for you.

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