Dec 072008

Tonight a few of us went to see Dead Men’s Hollow at a nearby church.

The group did a nice show. The harmonies were crisp and the vocals were snappy. I found myself comparing their stage presence and antics to mine when I perform. I think that I do something very different from them. I guess it’s like comparing the Andrew Sisters to Bruce Springsteen–it just depends on your taste.

The star of the group is Marcy on fiddle. She really has excellent technique, and her tone reminds me of Martin Hayes. I call it the “saxophone tone” fiddlers who play with such lush tone. That’s just my brain’s description; I understand if others don’t get what I mean.

The fiddle tunes were the highlight of the show for me. They did a cross-tuned “Red-Haired Boy,” a nice “Duck River” and one or two others. The tempos were a little on the slow side for old-timey tunes, but then I am usually pushing the beat on everything I play. I hope that Marcy someday gets to be in a strictly old-time group just so she can let loose even more.

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