Dec 082008

Yesterday we played a group gig at the Reston Regional Library. There were three of us there: Bud on dulcimer, Bill on mandolin and guitar, and me on fiddle and 12-string. Man, it was a fun gig.

We just set up in the middle of the library not too far from the main entrance. It’s a typically quiet library, but not legalistically silent. Bud opened up with a few solo numbers on the hammered dulcimer, which are always a treat to hear. Then we started up with our usual warmer-upper, “Bonapart Crossing The Rhine.” In a relatively quiet environment, our sound carries well. We had a nice crowd circling around us for most of the two hours. The only time things thinned down was when we played the “My Own House” waltz. It’s a little slow, a little choppy and scratchy maybe. Maybe we play it too many times? I think we did five turns, with the penultimate turn switching keys from A to D, then back to A for the last turn. Funny thing about waltzes I guess. We’ll have to find a way to pair that waltz up with “Peak-a-boo Waltz” or something else to make it a little more interesting. Or perhaps I should just get my fiddle playing a little better on that one.

We did our favorites, such as “Barlow Knife, “Ebenezer,” “Little Rabbit,” “Jeff Davis,” and “Bill Sullivan’s Polka.” And a bunch more.

As we left, the folks working at the front desk told us that people kept coming in thinking that a recording was playing. but it was us. Nice.

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