Jan 242009

Last night I played a bluegrass set with four other dudes. We played at the open mike at King’s Court in Leesburg

Overall it was pretty good fun. It was classic open mike. Loud, lots of smoke, couldn’t hear well enough to talk with the folks sitting next to you. Someone got up and sang “Friend of the Devil.” A trio did a funky “Who Do You Love.” Lots of the standard stuff. Banjo player Bruce had asked the guy running the open mike to let us play for 45 minutes or so, so that worked out to be a nice long set. I just played fiddle, giving them my best bluegrassy stuff. I hadn’t played bluegrass for a while, so it felt good to pull off a few nice drones and bluesy licks. I like being a side man, just jumping in and playing fiddle without having to work out harmony vocals or slick arrangements ahead of time. I have too much going on in other arenas to spend time on that with another group. When I sit in on fiddle, I jus tlet my jazz mind take over, though this is a jazz mind developed to the second-grade level. And Ric Sweeney was singing and playing guitar and harp, so I finally got to play with one of my favorite local songwriters.

Oh yeah, good food at King’s court too. I had a burger and fries, and it was definitely worth getting again.

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