Feb 172009

On Sunday I went with a few friends to hear Audrey Auld play a show at a restaurant in Herndon VA. Audrey is a Nashville folk songwriter I’ll say. She writes great songs that are often cute and fun, but then sometimes very touching and inspiring. Her songs talked about goofy life in Nashville, wanting to be a mother, wanting to give something to prisoners at San Quentin, and turning forty.

Audrey is originally from Australia, and she got right up and starting making jokes about her accent and Tazmanian heritage right away. She was great at just laughing with the audience and conversing about the songs. It was a delight to talk to her afterward for the same reason–her stage presence is her true personality.

She mentioned Eckhart Tolle at one point in her show, and I seemed to be the only person in the audience who understood the reference. At another time, she pointed me out as white trash because I gave a cheer at the mention of Krispy Kreme hamburgers. This is definitely someone I can relate to.

I highly recommend that you make the effort to hear her if you get the chance. Or just check out her stuff on CDBaby or wherever. Folk music should be about folk, and Audrey has that figured out.

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