Apr 232009

Monday night I took my little trio back to the recording studio to get some more stuff down. I decided after the first session that I just can’t pull off my vocals while playing live with the trio setup. I need the chance to just zero in on the vocals and fix notes and phrasings, so Monday we started recording with separate tracks.

working with separate tracks turned out well. I thought recording everything live would be more comfortable and “living room” for the two guys playing with me, but they really seemed cool with the separate tracks. I was really impressed listening to the mandolin takes on one song in particular. Each take seemed to get more tone focus, tighter timing, less pick noise, less string rattle, and better notes. The mando player was working real hard, and he probably couldn’t appreciate the progression each new take seemed to achieve. But it sounded great in the control room.

some wine and beer probably helped lubricate the musicians a little. A few extra people hanging around in the control room joking and playing instruments added some lightness too. for a song called “Nickels and dimes” I threw down my ukulele part in one take, and this was an intricate syncopated picking part, not just a strummy strum strum soup thickener. On that same song, my slide guitar player put down a really sweet part, though I had rejected the slide on that song during our pre-production rehearsals. things just fell into place, how nice for a change.

so we’re making good progress. One more session and I think we’ll have most of the instrumental parts done. Then I will record a few things solo and do the final vocals. I am eager to see how the finished product will come together.

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