Jul 122009

Yesterday the string band did a fun gig at a little park at Reston Town Center. One of the guys pointed out that the park was just a good idea not too long ago. I remember when they first made Explorer Street about ten years ago, and then the park came along seven or eight years later. I also remember when the RIBS bus would stop along Explorer Street and only cost a quarter. Ah, the goodle days.

Anyway, the sound guys did a great job, and the three of us had fun going through our forty-five minutes of greatest hits. A number of our friends and fans were there, plus a few new folks who enjoyed the music.

It was interesting that we went on stage after a cheerleading performance. The cheerleaders had super loud, super funky dance music going, and they were totally energetic and acrobatic. Then comes us, the old-timey fiddle-dulcimer-mando band. But we kept the energy up in our own way.

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