Sep 212009

1. My solo set started at 10:30 am, with a small crowd and kids rock climbing nearby. Chilly temperature made my 12-string go out of tune a few times. Ron Goad ran surround sound and made stuff come out of speakers nicely.

2. Mateo Monk looped rhythm parts, played swingy guitar leads on top, then played groovin’ flute solos on top, plus sang a song about hiding your stash when the cops pull you over. Kids on the climbing wall probably got a little higher while he played.Dude has layers.

3. William Pint and Felicia Dale sang rreal tight energetic sea songs, with good acoustic guitar plus hurdy gurdy of all things. They sounded great, and then we had to follow them.

4. Feel The Wag played a prime-time hour at the Antiques stage. Good energy, audience was clapping along, and our fiddler friend Marcy was dancing in front of everyone. I didn’t play my best fiddling for this one, but I got through it and folks had fun.

5. Honky Tonk confidential lived up to the first two-thirds of their name. Steel guitar, good country singing, funny originals, lots of volume, and even an obscure Janice Martin song from the 1950s that I recognized somehow.

6. The only noteworthy food I had was homemade Snickers ice cream from Middleburg Creamery’s stand. I never did get a funnel cake down my throat.

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