Oct 172009

Gordon Bok singing “Sabin the Woodfitter”

Tuesday we saw Gordon Bok at a restaurant in Herndon. I have adored Bok’s 12-string playing and singing for several years, but this was my first chance to hear him live.

Bok was friendly and casual with the audience during the show. It took two or three songs for his voice to warm up and for the audience to quiet down. Bok had told the sound guy to keep the volume “as low as you dare.” The songs were mostly unfamiliar to me, but the quiet and charming presentation drew me in. Bok’s voice was not as strong as on his CDs, but he still sounded OK to me. The songs about hard-working people on farms and ships told good stories, and the love songs were sweet. The sincere performance was a treat, and the flowing guitar lines made it all sound good.

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