Mar 172010

Last night Marcy Cochran and I had a goodle time playing fiddles on a few old-timey tunes at the Tortilla Factory open mike. It was a spontaneous thing, just picked some tunes out of the air and jammed. Marcy did some great harmony parts, especially a bunch of cool double stops while I did the melody for “Midnight On The Water.” We also did “Golden Slippers,” “Frosty Morning,” and “Duck River.” We don’t get to play together too often, and this was the first time we ever performed together. Hope we’ll do more of this stuff.

The rest of the open mike was nice. Ric Sweeney played a couple of his mesmerizing originals with lyrics that don’t stop and singing that just sounds stellar. I wish I could sing as well as he. Erik Balkey did some great originals too. Some Irish mando picking from the Harley String Band guys. TM Hanna got Marcy and me to play with him on some tunes including one of his great originals. Overall a fun, laid-back night there.

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