Aug 302010

I am looking for clients interested in free coaching to work with me as I start a creativity coach training in September. You may be interested in creative coaching if you have a creative personality and would like to see your endeavors grow and blossom.

Creativity coaching will help you …

Create more regularly
Get unstuck when facing a blank page or canvas
Choose and reach new goals
Face market challenges
Get better gigs
Deal with rejection and discouragement
Deal with existential doubts (Is my art meaningful? Does anyone else care about my poetry?)
Deal with the stresses that come with creating and performing
Work through practical problems (How to get my CD done, how to price my paintings)
Find your unique creative identity and style
Satisfy your creative personality

It is not psychotherapy, not treatment for clinical problems such as anxiety or depression disorders, and not a one-step solution to all your problems. It is a boost to your creative endeavors and a personalized dialog to grow your creative work.

If you are interested in this free coaching, write to me at to talk more about it.

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