Jul 072011

You just read a great poem, saw a moving theater performance, or enjoyed an awesome new CD. Perhaps a minute or two is all it takes to give something back to the people who poured imagination and sweat into that creation.
Here are a few practical suggestions on how to give back. I have small and independent artists in mind especially, since those folk depend so much on the grass roots.

  • Send a note: Mention a specific song title. quote a line from the poem. Let the person know what you specifically liked. You might be amazed at how seldom it is sometimes for an independent artist or writer to get fan mail, and it’s a double-treat when the feedback is specific.
  • Buy two: When something really excites your creative side, buy another one to give away. Share a book, sculpture, print, CD, or theater ticket with a friend, especially when birthdays and holidays come around.
  • Muster the forces: Get a few friends together to get out for some live music, theater, or an art show. There could be some good date ideas here too, if you’re looking to get beyond the old dinner and movie thing.

OK, I started the list. Now you can give those things a try, or add other suggestions to the comments. What do y’all think?

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