Are You a Creative Personality?


A creative personality is a person who has a passion for imagination, creativity, and artistic expression. Everyone has some measure of creativity and imagination. But a creative personality thrives passionately in the creative and artistic areas of human experience. Were art, music, dance, writing, and literature your favorite subjects growing up? Do you find yourself daydreaming about being a poet, novelist, painter, sculptor, fiber artist, songwriter, or actor? Have you ever spent large amounts of your free time on creative pursuits? If so, then you are a creative personality.

Many creative personalities do not have the support, experience, or confidence to express themselves through creative work. Growing up, we are told to focus on important subjects, like algebra and chemistry. Excelling in poetry or painting is often a lonely experience for kids. Sometimes a creative kid is pushed toward success in other areas, such as academics or athletics. Some kids attend private music lessons, and then they are scolded if they are caught experimenting or goofing around on their instrument. A teacher might speak sternly to a child who draws in the margins of his notebook, though that child might express himself through drawing much more authentically than he does through written sentences.

As an adult, A creative personality is often ashamed or embarrassed when she thinks about spending time on that novel or sculpture. Taking care of the kids, working toward that next promotion, and signing up for church committees are all respected and supported, but spending an hour or two every day on creative work is just selfish, right? And of course no one has much of a chance earning a living as a poet, fiber artist, stage actor, or songwriter, so why waste time on these things?

A creative personality has an active, agile, and ambitious imagination. The imagination is the playground and workshop where all kinds of artistic work can be done. But the imagination is also a place where the personality can have trouble, in the forms of self-doubt, self-criticism, arrogance, shyness, stored-up anger, and addiction. A creative personality is often vulnerable to a tragic, disappointing, unhealthy, or inauthentic life due to such internal struggles. And the inner turmoil is compounded by a lack of support from others. Since creative work is mostly done alone, the imagination has plenty of time to stir up doubt and negativity.

The good news is that a creative personality has many resources to help her find a healthy and authentic path. Helpful books on creativity and artistic work are available. Retreats, workshops, and artist groups are out there to offer support. And a creativity coach can help a creative personality get her creative work going, even in the middle of stormy and stressful times.

If you are a creative personality, here are some questions that you might find helpful:

  • What is keeping you from starting your creative work?
  • What small steps can you take to find more support for your creative side?
  • How does your agile imagination help you? How does it hinder you?

Want to try creativity coaching?

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