Oct 132014

If you’re attempting to do creative, artistic, imaginative things, then you are facing a tough trail. When you feel down about your efforts, try to be kind and forgiving toward yourself.

Forgive yourself

  1. For projects that didn’t turn out
  2. For not starting
  3. For not finishing
  4. For decisions that led you away from the best path
  5. For withholding praise and support from yourself
  6. For telling yourself your work was good enough when it wasn’t
  7. For telling yourself your work wasn’t worthwhile when it was
  8. For treating your imaginations and dreams as silly, when they hold meaning for you
  9. For drinking too much
  10. For not being your own best friend
  11. For doing what others wanted you to do instead of making yourself happy
  12. For being confused
  13. For being frustrated
  14. For reading books and blogs about creative work rather than doing your work
  15. For wasting time
  16. For using harsh words to describe your work when you’re frustrated
  17. For spending money on courses as a way to avoid your work
  18. For telling yourself you should be amazing without breaking a sweat
  19. For thinking that writing is never hard for anyone except you
  20. For being too angry, too moody, too anxious
  21. For not taking care of yourself
  22. For resting on yesterday’s successes when you need to be working on today’s challenges

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