Apr 132009

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and also the first day of recording a new batch of songs. Yes, I know, I should have gone to church or prayed to the Easter Bunny or something. But I was with good friends, and we did have a really great lamb dinner in the afternoon.

I am recording a pile of my originals for a new CD. I am planning to work hard on it to get a more polished final result this time. Also, I have two good musicians and good friends playing with me.

We worked hard on four songs over about five hours. I think that two or maybe three of the songs had a take that will work as a final cut. One of the songs had real problems with my focals. So We tried to record live with three acoustic guitars and my vocals all at the same time. I think that I will try laying down each part as separate tracks, so that when I do the vocals I can really let go and just sing.

The hard part of working in a studio is that there is no vibe from people listening and applauding. There is no breath and energy in the room from folks chattering and walking around clanging plates and glasses. You have to provide your own breath and energy. It’s just you naked with the music.

The cool thing about being in a studio for me is that it is just you there naked with the music. You hear all kinds of stuff. Raise your soft palette or squint your eyes and your voice sounds very different. Changing the angle of your picking hand shifts the tone of your guitar quite a bit sometimes. All those nuances.

What I learned yesterday: I am not as prepared with my vocals as I thought I was. Big surprise–everyone treats vocals as an afterthought, and I made that mistake yesterday. So I need to rehearse my singing a lot more. What else? Just have fun and laugh and enjoy being in a room making music, I guess.

So we’ll see what comes of it in a little while. But I’m very eager, excited, and optimistic that we’re going to bang out a good bunch of songs.

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