May 032009

Last Wednesday we had another recording session. I put down guitar parts for something called “Dry Town,” and we’ll do lead and harmony vocals later. We also finished a song called “It Was Only Me,” with me doing guitar and vocal with a friend on harmonica. And I finished several lead vocals for one called “Nickels and Dimes.”

We had a productive few hours there. It is a bit mundane to write about here, only because everything went smoothly. Every time we worked on a new part, it took a few takes to get the feel going. Then we got some nice takes down, and we could move on. I’m definitely singing better than I was for the recording I did in 2007 and 2008, so maybe lots of practice is paying off.

“It Was Only Me” did go through a few changes for this try. We had done some live versions of this song as a trio during our first recording session. But I wanted something that rocked a little more for this one. I kept thinking about the Rolling Stones “Exile On Main Street,” or about Dylan’s “Highway 61” album. I wanted a good rock feel but with acoustic guitar and blues harp. This new version has a little more bounce to it, and I added a few bluesy licks to the guitar part. I also played the guitar part on the 6-string instead of the 12-string. That took some of the mellow jangly stuff out and made it more direct. I think the end result will sound pretty good.

On we go. A few more vocal and instrumental parts, afew tunes to put down as live solo tracks, and we’ll be ready to master this stuff.

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