May 242009

Yesterday the string band guys played at the Lake Anne Plaza in Reston for a lunch-hour gig.

This was our first gig in six months as a group. We had practiced a couple evenings during the week to kick off the rust, and the gig came off pretty well. At Lake Anne it’s an outdoors setup. The Saturday lunch-hour music happens on a cement plaza in a semicircle of buildings. The lower level are restaurants and shops, and the upper level are condos. The whole thing makes a nice little bowl for sounds to bounce around in.

We played without a PA. We never play with a PA unless someone provides it as part of a stage for other acts to use. We played our usual kind of stuff, old Appalachian fiddle tunes plus a few contra and Celtic things. We had a nice crowd of friends and passers-by who stuck around for most of the two hours. There was a little kid who was dancing and having kooky fun for a while.

We did have to compete with the sound of a fountain close by, and there are also squealing children in the plaza fairly frequently. But overall we got some good feedback and some good tips. And the fact that a nice little bunch of folks hung out to listen the whole time meant that we must have sounded pretty good.

Can’t wait for the next band gig.

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