Jun 232010

Here you go– lyrics for my song “Carrie And I.” You can hear and purchase the single at CD Baby here: http://www.cdbaby.com/scottmalyszka2

I’d love to hear your impressions.


Carrie and I sitting on a bench
In the light, in the patriarchal church
Saint Michael’s day in autumn
Watch the angels playing hide and search
Carrie leans warm against me
Her brown hair is long and tossed
Old Armenian woman hisses at her
Don’t you sit like that with your legs crossed

Walk beside the great stone wall
Construction workers smoking on their break
They’re replacing the gold atop that dome
The king will give as much as God will take
Carrie and I just puzzle it out
Her arm wraps around my waist
Battles for centuries built all this
This wall, this mosque, this church, this fate

Smell of prayers across the room
Faces freeze with grace and gloom
Heart-born stain, rattling chain
Nothing given, nothing gained

Sitting on the grass she removes her shoes
Her legs are so pretty and strong
I stroke her knee while we whisper and kiss
In the park the November sky grows dark
It’s good for friends like us to kiss
She speaks this creed and I just nod
It’s all ours, we didn’t steal a thing
Soul kisses, the language of God

Smell of leaves, undressing trees
Prayers lost upon the breeze
Soul kisses unrestrained
Nothing given, nothing gained

© 2010 by Scott Malyszka

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