Dec 062010

I’m wondering who’s sick of holiday music, and who can’t get enough of it. Just want to learn more about what folks feel about this topic. Please give some thoughtful comments to a few of these questions, to educate my mind a bit.

How many holiday albums are you buying this year?

How many free downloads of holiday tunes have you grabbed this year from artists’ websites?

Do you still listen to holiday CDs from years past? Or are they off in a box somewhere?

Do you like the old standards, or are there new compositions that are making you merry?

It’s mostly Christmas this time of year, but are you into any music for Hanukkah?

What’s the most annoying holiday music you’ve heard lately. (My vote is for Dylan’s album last year.)

Ok, thanks in advance if I can get some of you to speak your mind. Feel free to go off on other tangents, if your spontaneity is leading you there.

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