Aug 112011

Here’s a practical article recently posted at The article points out how a singer needs to change her approach when going from studio to stage. She’s got to make a bigger presence on stage and think on her feet to recover from mistakes and surprises. Right on.

This reminds me of an interview where Keith Richards said that Mick Jagger could work the tiniest spot on the tiniest stage when the Stones were starting out. Richards said that they played these little gigs where there was barely enough room to stand and play, but Mick would dance, spin, and do his magic anyway.

Of course those early rock days were different. Today gigs are tough to come by, and a lot of folks hone their skills in private practice settings. I’ve heard Larry Kirwan mention this recently too, how it’s hard to learn by gigging because the live music scenes ain’t what they have been in the past. Makes you appreciate people all the more when they put on a hot show and really get some fiery music going on a stage.