Sep 212008

Robin and I spent the weekend at the Bluemont Fair and had quite a great time. Man, lots of great music, good food, hellos and hugs with friends, meeting new people here and there.

Feel The Wag played a pretty nice set at 11:00 am, and we got some good feedback here and there. I thought we were in good form. Christine Galante from Footworks came down and danced for a few of our numbers. She is a clogger, and Footworks is a percussive dance ensemble. (I don’t know more about Footworks but I think I need to find out.) I played a solo set at 3:15 pm, which was fairly low-key in the hot afternoon sun. The set went fine though, and I sold a few CDs.

Who else did we see there? The Lisa Taylor band was pretty tight, and we couldn’t believe it when she told us afterward that they hadn’t played together before. Eric Balkey was awesome as always. My brother heard him there for the first time and was digging the songs. We caught a few numbers by TM Hanna, who is one of my favorite songwriters around here. Who else? The Fabulettes were energetic and fun for a few numbers that we heard. I’m leaving out some acts for sure, but that is a good sample.

If you’ve never been, try to catch the Bluemont Fair next year. It’s very easy-going and there are a lot of sweet people out there.

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