Jan 252009

Last night four of us went to the Old Brogue in Great Falls VA to see Sanford and Lena. It seems that all my friends are familiar with this brother-sister duo except me.

The restaurant, or pub, or whatever classification it should be, was packed. They don’t take reservations, so it was just a matter of muscling in to get a table so we could eat. We got there around 8 pm, an hour before the music started, and we had to sit in another room to order dinner. That’s happened at other places, so no big deal. I have a tough time showing up two hours before the music starts so I can sit where I can hear the show. That seems like asking a lot, but that is how it goes in some of these little places. And there’s no complaining when they don’t ask for a cover charge.

So we missed Sanford and Lena’s entire first set. About 10:30 pm four of us got into the room where the show was happening. We had planned to meet up with some other friends there, but we never could find more than four seats together. We just chatted with them a fewminutes here and there while walking back and forth.

It turns out that Sanford and Lena did mostly original stuff for their first set, which is what we wanted to hear. The second set was covers. I was impressed by the super-tight harmonies. Sanford has a cool tone to his voice. Lena belts it out with some rasp but doesn’t pierce your head with too much voice. Sanford did some nifty guitar picking too. They were doing “Piano Man’ and “Hotel California” and anything else from the 1970s greatest hits song book. We have one of those books in our piano bench here at home.

After hearing the seventies set, we headed for home. Too bad we missed the original stuff. I like hearing a good bar group do covers, but it isn’t every day that I can find a good evening of songwriting. I looked online, and I can’t find anything by these two. So I’ll just have to waite another time to hear what their stuff sounds like.

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