Jul 062009

Last Saturday was Independence Day, and Feel The Wag played a gig at the outdoor Lake Anne Plaza in Reston VA.

We played for two hours out in the noisy plaza. There’s a fountain right there with kids splashing in it all the time. There are people playing live music in a coffee shop about a hundred meters away. A bit hectic there, so anyone playing live music must grab people’s attention.

We had three of the four there to play. bud on hammered dulcimer, Bill on mando and guitar, me on fiddle and 12-string. Lots of folks sat around to listen, including lots of our friends and fans. We had a good groove and feel going, so it was a fun time.

I’ve been worried about our overall volume when we play outside like this. I think that we should really fill up the place with our sound since we’re getting paid. My main fiddle is in for repairs, so I had to play my backup fiddle. The backup is much quieter than my main instrument, so I was even more worried about the volume. But I played with a thick, carbon-fiber bow, and that really boosted the sound on this fiddle. And the good blend the whole group had made the sound jump out, so the gig was a nice success.

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